Vote with a Brick

Ep 17 - Demand the Impossible

July 15, 2022 Steve & Tim
Vote with a Brick
Ep 17 - Demand the Impossible
Show Notes

We've been taking a little summer break and this week we're bringing you an episode we recorded in the midst of the Ontario election. As a bulwark against the ongoing trudge into barbarism and cynicism, we've dreamt up some grounded, realistic "demands" to immediately make worker's lives materially better. 

Steve takes a quick look at improvements that could immediately improve housing affordability, desirability and walkability. And continues to gind his axe about landlords.

Tim (of course) wanted to talk about trains.

H-hey guys? We really should fix that enviornment, eh? 

And: Is $15 "Fair"? Is $20 "Plenty?" We're well overdue a raise -- and a union. 

Some stuff we mentioned: 
The Trains that Subsidize Suburbia - GO Transit Commuter Rail

"How Are You Going to Pay for That? Smart Answers to the Dumbest Question in Politics" by Ryan Cooper

IPCC Sixth's Assessment

Fifteen and Fairness

Francis Bourgeois, TikTokker Loves Trains